Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sumatran elephants found dead in Riau without ivory

A wild Sumatran elephants found dead in the forest concession of PT Arara Abadi , in the village of Tasik Serai Bengkalis , Riau . Not only that , the elephant ivory are known missing .
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"Yeah right , and we 've reported it to the authorities and the Center for Natural Resources Conservation , " said spokesman Arara Abadi , Nurul Huda in Pekanbaru , Friday ( 7/2 ) , as quoted by Antara .

After getting the report , Center for Natural Resources Conservation ( BBKSDA ) jump to the location to investigate the death of the animal. Allegedly , his death occurred as a result of the hunters hunted elephant ivory .

" Provisional estimates , there are indications of possible death due to illegal hunting , " said PR BBKSDA Riau Province , Zanir .

From the examination while the elephant thought to have died since 10 days ago . Currently , BBKSDA has fielded vet to do an autopsy .

" So far we have not been able to confirm the results of the autopsy . However , confirmed that an adult elephant and are male , " he said .

It is estimated that an adult elephant aged about 30-40 years . However , elephant ivory has been lost when it was found .

He was sure , BBKSDA will investigate the death of the elephant because there is the element of intent to obtain ivory . Meanwhile , elephant organ samples will be sent to a laboratory in West Sumatra veterinet to ascertain the cause of death .

" Lab results likely be known in two weeks or sooner than 10 days , " he said .
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Location discovery at Arara Abadi concession is wild elephants roaming locations estimated from Balai Raja Wildlife in Bengkalis .


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