Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The news about the Democrats Support Prabowo, said JK "Good"

Candidates vice president of Indonesia , Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) , commenting on the news that the Democratic Party will support the prospective partner Prabowo president and vice president - Hatta Rajasa .

" That's good , that 's all clear , " said JK in Bikasoga , Suryalaya Street , City of London , on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

JK added that he and Jokowi not be afraid of fat coalition built by Gerindra shaft .
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" Better than the overtly siding siding not blatant , " he said .

Previously reported , Member of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party , Ahmad Mubarok , said his party would support the presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate who had the idea closest to the Democrats .

Currently , Democrats still remain neutral , at least until the Chairman of the Democrat Party Yudhoyono hear direct exposure of the two presidential candidates , Joko Widodo and Prabowo .

" Who's got the vision , mission , platform , and program closest to the Democrats , it's to be encouraged , " said Mubarok when contacted on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Mubarok said , the President will meet with Jokowi and Prabowo on June 1, 2014 . During the meeting , Joko Widodo and Prabowo in turn will present the vision and mission to


Monday, May 26, 2014

This crossing bridge Often Avoided by Walking

A pedestrian bridge in front of Babadan Market , Semarang regency , often avoided by pedestrians . Construction of the bridge is considered dangerous to its users .

Rung bridge is made very steep with a slope angle of nearly 75 degrees . As a result , many reckless pedestrian traffic bypass although quite crowded .

"Parents if not guided down , might plummet , Mas , " said Aji ( 50 ) , one of the parking attendants Babadan market , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

The pedestrian bridge is actually just a week ago after the operation at the end of September 2013 , the bridge collapsed because almost hit by a truck tronton .
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In that incident , one person was killed and more than 21 hours duration Semarang -Solo main line gridlocked . However , instead of changing nicer , newly repaired bridge condition is not much different .

" The most difficult was the people who brought goods Mas . Rising from the other side which is quite dangerous because nanjak once , " said Aji .

From observations , besides steep stairs , bridge deck condition is also very alarming . Flooring material made ​​of steel many porous and perforated so it is endangering the safety of its users .

" Especially if the later front ( highway) was casted , right middle road would be installed fence , forced ( pedestrian ) rose all . LHA that the people who bring goods to market hard , " Aji said .

Similar revealed the couple , Giarti ( 45 ) and Giono ( 51 ) , a resident of Beji , East Unggaran . They are fresh off of public transport and about to cross into the Babadan market forced the bridge for fear of cutting through the busy traffic flow .

However , they claim to even feel hassles after climbing down the bridge.

"Just this once I pass , rekoso ( hard ) really. Pity my husband brought a lot of stuff , " said Giarti with panting breath .

Not only the steep stairs , pedestrians also have to be extra careful on the railing of the bridge holding hands . In addition to the material that is corrosion , large iron columns into the fence grip size is very large so it is difficult grasped.

" The handle is too big and even rusty , " said Dwi Lestari ( 17 ) , high school students were admitted to 1 Bergas often pass through the bridge since it opened a week ago .


Friday, May 23, 2014

2015 Fuel Consumption Predicted 50 Million KL

Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) estimated consumption of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy in 2015 reached 50 million kiloliters ( kl ) . The quota of two million kl or four per cent above the Budget 2014 , amounting to 48 million kl . " We expect next year ( fuel consumption ) 50 million kiloliters of assuming a business as usual ( as is done ) , " said Chief Andy BPH Migas N Sommeng in Jakarta , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

According to him , the volume of 50 million kl into account the economic growth of between 5-6 per cent and 8-11 per cent of vehicles . Nevertheless , continued Andy , fuel consumption can be reduced further if more control is done strictly through the issuance of new rules . " For example , a ban on transport trucks wearing yellow plate subsidized diesel , " he said . Or , he added , through a non-cash programs , rfid , fixed subsidies , and rising fuel prices .
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For consumption in 2014 , according to Andy , he is optimistic appropriate budget target of 48 million kl . "There are over 200 thousand kl on diesel - 400 thousand kl , was offset Premium under until the end of the year , " he said .

Earlier, Minister Jero Wacik said it does not plan to raise fuel prices for the rest of Government subsidy Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) until October 2014 . " Rest of the time only five months , not fitting increase ( fuel prices ) , " he said .

According to him , the government will look for ways besides rising fuel prices to reduce the swelling of the subsidy in 2014 . Options being studied include public refueling stations ( gas stations) does not sell fuel subsidy when the Saturday - Sunday and holidays. Quota of fuel subsidy in Budget 2014, consisting of 48 million kl Premium 32.45 million kl , diesel ( 14.64 million kl ) , and kerosene ( 0.9 million kl ) .

Meanwhile , the realization of subsidized fuel distribution until 30 April 2014 reached 14.99 million kl , or 31.7 percent of the 2014 state budget quota of subsidized fuel to PT Pertamina ( Persero ) .

Vice president for corporate communications , said Ali Mundakir , of the total distribution of subsidized fuel quota allocated to the company this year of 47.35 million kl , up to 30 April 2014 channeled as much as 9.48 million kl Premium or 29.4 percent of the quota of 32 , 32 million kl , diesel ( 5.15 million kl ) , or 36.42 percent of the quota of 14.14 million kl and kl Kerosene 325 thousand or 36 percent of the quota of 900 thousand kl . In total , he said , disbursement during that period reached 14.99 million kl , or 31.7 percent .

" Under these conditions the disbursement Premium is still under control, but still must be considered a period of fasting and Eid - Christmas - new year in which the consumption of premium usually rises 10 % than normal , " he said . Meanwhile , Solar disbursement quota has been exceeded for the current period .

Ali also revealed Premiun disbursement throughout the region is still within the limits of the projection with the highest consumption levels are in the Marketing Operation Region ( MOR ) III ( DKI Jakarta , Banten and West Java ) is 2.75 million kl and MOR V ( East Java , Bali - Nusra ) of 1.79 million kl . While channeling Solar relatively higher than projected in almost all regions , except MOR IV ( Central Java - Yogyakarta Yogyakarta ) , and MOR VIII ( Papua - Maluku ) . n Aldian revelation Ramadan / between ed : zaky al glottal


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Discuss Chaotic Party, the Golkar Party Elite Gather Ical

Golkar Party Chairman , Bakrie ( ARB ) aka Ical hold a plenary meeting at the Office of the Central Executive Board ( DPP ) in the Golkar Slipi , Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) night . Attend a board of Golkar and Golkar elite .

Information compiled , this time in the plenary meeting will Ical briefed daily on board to support Golkar presidential candidate pair (candidates ) and vice president ( vice ) Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

In addition , another plenary meeting agenda is to discuss winning strategies - Hatta mate Prabowo in presidential elections ( presidential ) 2014.
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Previously , three dozens of elite and elders Golkar Party held a closed-door meeting in a room JW Marriot Hotel , Kuningan , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) night .

The meeting was initiated three parent organizations or Trikarya Golkar Party , such as the Central Organization of Independent Workers ( SOKSI ) , Deliberation Kekeluargan Mutual mutual ( MKGR ) Multipurpose Cooperative and Mutual - royong ( Kosgoro ) .

In addition to the elite and elders of the Golkar Party , also attended the Young Generation Chairman of the Golkar Party ( APMG ) Yoryys Raweyai and its members .

Chairman of the meeting SOKSI Laksono said Golkar Party elite and elders is not an extraordinary meeting .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Student brawl victims Being in the Wrong Place and Time

Brawl between often claimed . Not infrequently the victim was not involved in the fight.

" Often the victims not involved brawl , but a good friend - a good school , but in the wrong place . He's not ready to run , fall , so dead , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto , Wednesday ( 21 / 5/2014 ) .

This, more Rikwanto , could have been avoided origin of each student to be careful and avoid lane departure home or school who used to be a place to hang out students who could potentially trigger a brawl .
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" Avoid lane brawl , brawl rarely go home immediately . Typically , hang out first , jegat where , just happened , " he said .

In this case , said Rikwanto , parents need to play a role to control their children during school hours and leave . " Actually , this should not happen if every parent concerned with his sons , " he said .

As reported , occurred in a brawl between Lt. Soeprapto Road flyover , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) at around 15:00 . The fights involving vocational and vocational Park Sampoerna Oetomo Students who join vocational students Poncol 65 .

Brawl that killed Aditya ( 16 ) , student of SMK 1 Sampoerna Oetomo . This case dealt with police Monday in collaboration with Criminal Police Central Jakarta . Police have secured two students alleged perpetrators who killed Aditya . " That we understood better . , He's part of the crowd or not , " said Rikwanto .


Monday, May 19, 2014

New Estimates of Absorbed 10 Percent, DKI Claims Program Featured On Track

Local Budget ( budget ) Jakarta newly absorbed 10 percent in 2014 . Despite the low budget absorption , Head of Financial Management Agency ( BPKD) Widjajanti Endang said it was pretty good value .

"It's been over 10 percent , approximately 11 percent . Still a lot of work unit area ( on education ) and local work units ( UKPD ) who must complete the administrative documents to the Procurement Unit of goods and services ( ULP ) , but it was good .. , nice .. , " said Endang , at City Hall on Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

Total cumulative package of activities that have been entered into the ULP is 5,114 packets of 7000 activities . Meanwhile , 46 new packages that have been auctioned by the Electronic Procurement Service ( LPSE ) , and two of them have already completed auctioned and the program can be implemented .
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Amount on education and UKPD already proposed auction of activity reached 231 750 units . He appealed to complete the document on education and UKPD auction activity requirements before submitting to the ULP . If UKPD on education and can not meet the requirements , then the program will be eliminated .

"People have a lot of doubt , I also wonder , on May 16, yesterday everything was screaming . Cook has not lived already in doubt , in fact, okay it . Insha Allah everything is running smoothly , " said Endang .

He also claimed , this year , the city can move quickly and absorption better budget than the previous year . " The hope is to meet the target of 97 per cent uptake of the total city budget , Rp 72 trillion , " said Endang .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Special Message for Vesak 2014 Presidential Election

Holy Day of Vesak 2558 Tri BE/2014 has a special message for the people of Indonesia . At this sacred moment , Buddhists pray for Indonesian people always given peace of mind no longer will hold a celebration of the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

" We pray that this country is always safe , cool and fair in the event the 2014 presidential election . Hopefully safe later in July 2014 , " said David Herman Jaya , Chairman of the Indonesian Buddhist Council of Representatives ( Walubi ) Central Java , on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) night .
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On that occasion , the man who is familiarly called wanking it also advised the Buddhists to contribute to the success of the democratic party to vote in accordance with his conscience . " We appealed to the Buddhists to join nyoblos according to your heart , " said Jones .

This message , said David , according to the theme of this year's Vesak , the " Develop Brahma Vihara for Happiness All People " . While subtemanya , All -minded Always Sublime Light and Mind .

As in previous years , the peak of Vesak 2558 will be centered BE/2014 Lumbiní court of Borobudur , Magelang regency , Central Java , on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) night .

Tens of thousands of Buddhists from across the country will attend this event . The plan , Vice President Boediono will attend and give a speech at the ceremony before the peak moment of the Vesak commemoration .

A series of activities have been held by the Vesak Buddhists in Magelang , among others penyemayaman water blessing and eternal flame at Mendut on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) ; Alms in Liong Hok Bio temple , Magelang ; water procession and blessing of eternal fire Mendut and Borobudur Temple ; the release of a thousand lanterns in the courtyard of the Borobudur temple as a sign of the end of commutation Holy Tri Vesak at 2:30 pm , Thursday ( 05/15/2014 ) .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Without CCTV, students believed not "cheat"

Principal SMPN1 Bekasi Holidah Eni believes her students will not cheat on the implementation of the national exam ( UN ) today even though the school did not use CCTV to keep an eye on students .

According to Eni , the number of 20 students in each room , it is not difficult to supervise . Moreover, in one room there are two of supervisors .

" There is no CCTV , surveillance entrusted it to the supervisors there . Nobody else CCTV baseball problem . 's Just one room of 20 children . If we pelototin one -on-one as well in fear , " said Eni SMPN1 Holidah in Jakarta, Monday ( 5/5 / 2014 ) .
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Accordingly, Eni believes that students can properly supervised . He also believes there is no leakage problem . In fact , adding Eni , student - siswinyalah that it reminds the teacher about the rules when the UN . They remind reset to the teacher to collect cell phones that they carry .

" In fact, I made the ingetin to kumpulin phone . Course I bercandain . 'Son , you bring two mobile phones , one of which you hold another mother hold . Later we wrote sms ' . Uh , they actually say , ' ick mother really taught so rich ' . mah I just laughed , " Eni said , laughing .

Regarding graduation rates , Eni believes students will graduate 100 percent . He considers graduation this year is easier than the previous year . This is because the requirement of graduation is not only derived from the value of the UN , but also combined from school test scores .

Noted , as many as 288 students SMPN1 Bekasi following the first day of junior high school level implementation of the UN today . One student in this school follow the UN in the hospital , while the rest follow the UN in school .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Problematic data, the Commission Delays Vote Determination Recapitulation Sumsel

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to postpone the determination of the results of recapitulation DPR and DPD candidates for legislative elections ( Pileg ) 2014 in the two electoral districts ( constituencies ) in the Province of South Sumatra ( South Sumatra) . Because, there are a lot of voters and the data acquisition bermamsalah voice .

" Dapil Sumsel I and II we delay its adoption , " said Commission Chairman Husni Kamil Manik in a plenary session of the vote counting recapitulation Pileg 2014 in the Building Commission , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) morning .
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He said the discussion would be resumed after the Commission Sumsel runs recommendations Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) related to several issues . Therefore , he urged political party ( parties) who filed an objection to the recapitulation of the Commission of South Sumatra and have trouble finding the data to immediately turn it over to Bawaslu .

" Please witnesses filed corrections to the data are not exact , the above registered voters and voters who exercise their right to choose , " said Husni .

The delay was also made ​​on determination of DPD recapitulation Sumatra . Bawaslu member Nelson Simanjuntak said , the problem in the first electoral district of South Sumatra ( includes Musi Rawas , Banyuasin , Banyuasin district , Palembang , and City Lubuklinggau ) occurs most prominently in Musi Rawas . In these areas , he said , there is a change of votes from the voting committee level ( PPS )

Husni said the data changes also occur in other districts / municipalities . However , on the basis of recommendations Bawaslu Sumatra , the data is corrected as it should be .

"If in the Musi Rawas , the Commission does not want to change it , " he said .

The same was conveyed Bawaslu member Nasrullah . According to him , due to the reluctance of the Commission to correct the data Musi Rawas , recapitulation at the provincial and national level to be hampered .

" The central and provincial KPU only accept garbage , " he said .

Politicians Development Party ( PPP ) Ahmad Yani says it does not recognize the results of the Commission submitted recapitulation of South Sumatra , South Sumatra, well above Dapil I would also Sumsel II ( covering Ulu Ogan Histories , Histories Ogan Ilir , Muara Enim Regency , Regency Lahat , East Ulu Ogan Histories , Histories Ogan South Ulu , Ogan Ilir regency , Lawang Four district , City of Pagar Alam , and City Prabumulih ) .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Action Eating Bananas Alves Win Global Support

Action Eating Bananas Alves Win Global Support
Barcelona defender , Daniel Alves , has the support of various parties around the world on the " banana eating action " does in the league opponents Villarreal at El Madrigal on Sunday ( 27/4 ) .

The incident occurred when a corner kick was about to Alves . A banana was thrown onto the field by one of the supporters of the host. Harassment is a form of racism that is intended to equalize the players concerned as an ape .

But , Alves did not seem bothered by the action . Instead of reporting the incident to the linesman who was standing nearby, he actually picked up the banana , peel it and eat it before then returning to continue the match .
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" We have to respond to all of it with a sense of humor . We have often experienced this treatment while in Spain , " said Alves .

Reaction Alves received support from various parties to upload their photos on social media while eating a banana with the hashtag , " We are all apes . "

The Brazilian players such as Neymar , Fernandinho , Bebeto , Hulk , and Julio Baptista directly provide their support through messages on Instagram . Likewise with Sergio Aguero , David Luiz , and Mousa Dembele .

President of the Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF ) , Ángel María Villar , condemned the incident at El Madrigal by asserting " Spanish Football against racism and xenophobia . "

FIFA President , Joseph Blatter , whose remarks harder . " That tolerated by Dani Alves overnight is barbaric actions . We must fight all forms of discrimination . There will be no tolerance in the World Cup , " said Blatter .

Meanwhile , the president of Brazil , Dilma Rousseff , Alves praised for being against racism treatment . In a statement on his official Twitter account , calling Rousseff Alves action in response to the bold and hard against racism in sport . The President also reiterated Brazil will be in the forefront in the fight against racism in sport during the 2014 World Cup , he uses the hashtag # CopaContraORacismo ( World Cup against racism ) .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Labor Issues Political Issues So Often

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the workers' welfare issues often become social issues and political issues . Unfortunately , the issue is often accompanied by political manipulation and making commodity in the election season .

Therefore , the President recalled the importance of the company and the workers contribute to the development and improvement of the welfare of the company workforce . He said , if worked , hope nobody else is . welfare is the better . For that workers must be disciplined , productive and should improve competitiveness . But the company also had to increase its business and the productive labor , so that development of the business will be better .
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" That's what must be done simultaneously and the relationship between trade unions and companies have maintained harmony , do not need a war through mass media , rallies , acts of violence , not a solution that actually add to the problem , " he said while reviewing Indocement Tunggal Perkasa Tbk PT The Citereup , Bogot Regency , West Java , on Monday ( 28/4 ) .

According to the workers and the company must keep the spirit of good relations . While the task of government is to provide facilities , assistance , and preparation of regulations that companies and workers benefit as much as possible .

He also reminded the business community in the country , especially those who have demonstrated good progress , in order to join the labor welfare as a whole not only in terms of wages .

" There should be apportioned between the real sector development , enterprise development , with increased well-being of workers . That is , the company gone to great lengths to use workers skilled , disciplined , productive , in order to grow their business well . As the business grows well together with it anyway , take note and increase the wages and welfare of their workers , " he said .

During a visit intended as part of celebrating International Labor Day which falls on May 1 , the President was accompanied by First Lady Hj . Ani Yudhoyono , Coordinating Minister Djoko Suyanto , Muhaimin Iskandar , Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam , Industry Minister MS Hidayat and Trade Minister M. Lutfi had the opportunity to have lunch with the directors and employees of PT Indocement .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

BlackBerry Jakarta Umbar cashback Rp 600 Thousand

BlackBerry took a number of banks to boost initial sales of BlackBerry Z3 aka ' Jakarta ' . Cashback worth Rp 600 thousand are ready to attract potential buyers .

BlackBerry Jakarta normal price of Rp 2.2 million . Well , for those who have booked via the device 's pre-order the chance to earn cashback .

As at Mega Bank , in collaboration with the online store / bbjakarta , they offer Blackberry sales program that is quite interesting .
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Where consumers can order this gadget to get cashback Rp 600 thousand for the first 50 buyers , while for the second buyer will be given 50 cashback facility is $ 500 thousand .

The booking period can be performed on April 28- May 12, 2014 at the website / bbjakarta and can be taken on May 14, 2014 at the XL Center in Senayan City .

Not only that , for the first 200 buyers , Mega Bank will also give a 25% discount voucher Baskin Robins .

BlackBerry Jakarta allegedly running the BlackBerry operating system 10.2.1 , 400 dual -core Snapdragon processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz , 1.5 GB RAM , and 8 GB of internal memory .


Issuer Performance Push Wall Street Gains

Major stock indices on Wall Street rose at the close of trading Thursday New York time , or Friday of western Indonesia . Strengthening the performance report triggered the first quarter of 2014 were positive from a large number of U.S. companies , including Apple and the company's procurement of construction equipment Caterpillar , said Chron page , Friday, April 25, 2014 .

However , no significant scaling positive exchanges as investors re- examine the geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine are heating up again .
In addition , a number of financial reports other companies such as 3M and Facebook also failed to impress investors stock .
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The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed unchanged at 16501.65 position . However , the Standard & Poor's 500 rose 3.22 points , or 0.2 percent, to 1878.61 and the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 21.37 points ending , or 0.5 percent, to 4148.34 .
In this week , the Dow rose 93.11 points , or 0.6 percent . The S & P 's 500 rose 13.76 points , or 0.7 percent . While the Nasdaq composite index rose 52.82 points , or 1.3 percent .

Meanwhile , for the period December 31, 2013 until 24 April 2014 , the Dow Jones recorded a decline of 75.01 points , or 0.5 percent .
The S & P 500 rose 30.25 points , or 1.6 percent and the Nasdaq fell 28.25 points , or 0.7 percent . ( ren )


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Worried mortgage stagnant, REI Reject Acquisition BTN

Real Estate Indonesia ( REI ) has asked the government to reconsider the acquisition plan of the State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk . This is because BTN is currently the only banks that finance housing , particularly housing for low income people ( MBR ) .

" The principle objection and refused REI BTN with any bank acquisitions , " said Chairman of the DPP REI Eddy Hussy in an official statement received in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) .

According to Eddy , it assesses BTN acquisition step is a step back in the supply of credit (mortgage ) . Currently it takes a lot of banks that focus on the distribution of mortgages and not reduce the bank's existing focus . If the acquisition occurs , then there is no guarantee of housing finance mission will continue to run .

" Learning from the experience of some of the acquired bank , its role gradually disappear . Subsidiary should definitely follow the parent company wants . REI worry it will happen with BTN , " said Eddy .

Furthermore , Eddy said REI supports the government wants to raise the BTN , but not with the step acquisition by another bank whose mission is different from the BTN . The government plans to accumulate funds through housing savings will also be able to overcome and raise the BTN if the given role .
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" There are currently housing bill savings ( Tapera ) being discussed with the government the House of Representatives . Focus there first . If it is enacted and operational , it will help finance housing finance , " he explained .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Call Hadi Purnomo bank's Troubled

Chairman of the State Audit Board ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo had issued a related criticism of Bank Mutiara . Bank , formerly known as the Bank Century bailout and got running the controversial Rp 6.7 trillion was considered cheating .

The Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) concluded that the addition of Temporary Equity ( PMS ) by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) to PT Bank Mutiara Tbk, dated December 23, 2013 amounted to Rp1 , 2 trillion is not fully in accordance with the provisions of the existing legislation .

It was based on the CPC examination of the date of January 19, 2014 until April 15, 2014.

BPK Chairman Hadi Purnomo said there are credit management by PT . The bank which allegedly do not conform provisions . Where a lot of credit that should go in loan collectibility five but recorded in two loan collectibility .

" So as if a good report . 's Not in accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation No. . 7/2/PBI/2005 as amended by Regulation No. . 11/2/PBI/2009 jo . PBI . 14/15/PBI/2012 on commercial bank asset quality assessment , " he said in the CPC building , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/20/2014 ) .

Hadi also called the bank's position does not convey the Capital Adequacy Ratio ( CAR ) in the monthly publication of the financial statements of the period June to November 2013 . Though the bank's CAR as the value delivered June 30, 2013 was negative 3.16 percent , was reported to the bank's BI , CAR PT BM has been qualified by 11 percent .

Then on 5 August was revised to negative 0.55 percent . While CAR , published December 24, 2013 to 5.13 percent . This is not in accordance with Regulation 14 / 14/PBI/2012 on Transparency and Publications Reports and PBI Bank . 14/15/PBI/2012 on Asset Quality Rating for Commercial Banks .

Under these conditions , corresponding PBI . 15/2/PBI/2013 if any bank should have a CAR of below four percent , Bank Indonesia said the bank is systemic or not . After that convey the Coordination Forum for Financial Stability ( FKSSK ) to be saved or not .
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" It's just been ngucurin PMS LPS first , " said Hadi Purnomo .


Want to Make Big coalition , Golkar Democratic Approach

DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Hajriyanto Y Thohari revealed his party is preparing a grand coalition to face the 2014 Presidential Election . As realization , the party bearing the banyan tree in the middle of a political party approached the middle of the board .

According Hajriyanto , referring to the party's approach to quickly count the results of legislative elections in 2014 a number of survey institutes . Golkar also do not see the party platform to communicate with it . " Golkar continued to talk with the CLA , Hanura , and MCC , " he said when contacted headline , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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After the ARB meeting and Mahfud MD in Bali , some time ago , Golkar will continue to approach the current ruling party , the Democrats . He suggested a meeting with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made ​​the party has become one of the important points in the formation of a grand coalition .

However, the Deputy Chairman of the Assembly was not sure when Golkar will meet with Democratic leaders . " Golkar did not feel the need to rush because Golkar believed would win . If successfully formed a coalition composed of at least three or four parties and get a figure running mate truly complementary to the ARB candidate , " he said .

He ensured that political communication is done already very advanced . " Although not yet final , but talks are very advanced . Enough time till May 15 to finalize a coalition of more substantive , " he said .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Teens That Learning So "Hackers" In Self-taught

AR ( 17 ) , teenage hackers ( hackers ) from North Sangatta , East Kutai , East Kalimantan , hackers claiming to be a self-taught learning .

He claimed never to follow education or special material about hacking . He taught himself while waiting for the cafe . It happened four years ago , when he was still in junior high school .

He was arrested at his home in Sangatta on 2 April 2014 for having to break into the security systems of two companies in Surabaya by means of a computer hack cafe on Jalan Yos Sudarso , Sengata . The two companies are PT CTC pulse agent , and selling vouchers online gaming company PT Creon Indonesia .

" Of the two companies that I took a total of Rp 17 million . There Rp 7 million for online gaming vouchers , and the rest of the pulse agent , "replied the AR when found in East Java Police , Jakarta, Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Burglary as much as it is not only done once or twice . Counted , and 30 times he went into the security system and stole the two companies .

How? Students majoring in Engineering Equipment is told that at first he was just a fad . Then , with the ability dimiliknya , he managed to get into the company's data base . This is because he considers that the security system is weak .

Once entered into the database , he found the ID and password . With that , she easily took the vouchers online games , as well as taking the pulse of a large agency . Pulse and vouchers were then sold to other parties . The money , mostly for snacks and play games online , partly to buy a smartphone .

AD since childhood have become accustomed in the cafe . Although the house does not have a computer or laptop , since junior high school he was already adept at stringing , and membutulkan electronic equipment . Such as computers , laptops and so on are broken , capable dibenahinya .

Until finally , he was interested to learn to be a hacker . Increasingly, he is getting good at . And increasingly channeled his talent after he joined a community of hackers that exist in Sengata . " Indeed , I also participated in a community ( hackers ) in there , " he said .

Unfortunately, the ability to be abused so he should be languishing in jail after officers arrested Subdit II Banking Ditreskrimsus East Java Police with two counts of burglary .

According to a spokesman for the East Java Police , Comr Setiyono Awi , the arrest was conducted after officers received reports of casualties . In its report , the victim knows the server conceded at 8 and February 21, 2014 .

Server security system penetrated by the offender then pulse in it many sent to the mobile numbers are not included in the list of buyers . " Based on that report , the officer conducted an investigation . And make arrests after confirming that he is indeed the culprit , "said Awi .
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As a result of his actions , vocational school students of class XI in Singatta was threatened would languishing in prison for 13 years . He snared the coated article . Namely pasa junto 30 paragraph 3 of Article 46 , paragraph 3 of Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions with anaman eight -year prison sentence and or a fine of Rp 800 million . As well as charged under Article 362 of the Criminal Code , under penalty of imprisonment for five years and or a fine of Rp 60 million .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hisense Sero 8 , 8 inch Tablet Quad - Core Worth R1 , 7 Million

Hisense , which in Indonesia is known as one of the partners in some smartphones Smartfren Andromax series , known to have launched a new tablet in the UK .

From the information presented on the site GizChina , nicknamed Dubbed Sero 8 tablet was inscribed powered by Rockchip chipset RK3188T , which is popular among tablet makers in China .

As the name implies Sero 8 , will come with an 8 -inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x800 pixels . In detail , if also mentioned if Sero 8 orchestrated by a quad-core processor with a speed of 1.6GHz Rockchip that ditandem with 1GB of RAM plus 16GB of internal memory which can still be expanded via a microSD card .
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Not quite up there , Sero 8 also equip themselves with a 2 megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera class . For connectivity , the tablet operating system Android 4.4 is loaded with features KitKat sort of Wi - Fi and Bluetooth . While in the power supply sector , the tablet is equipped with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh .

Hisense Sero 8 already available in the UK with a price tag equivalent to 150 USD ( Rp1 , 7 million - an) . In addition to the UK , this tablet is also reportedly going to land in other countries , one of the United States .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fired Suryadharma, Chairman of the West Java branch of the PPP Official Not Receive Mail

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) Development Party Jawa Barat , Rachmat Yasin questioned her dismissal by PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali . In addition to Rachmat , Suryadharma also fired Vice Chairman PPP Monoarfa Manoarfa and three other DPW Chairman . Until now , according to Rachmat , there has been no official letter of notification or the related pemecaan .

" To date I have not heard officially . I actually him from online news . So I have not been able to locate the cause of the fault why I was fired . We 've got to know first what bekangnya background ? " Rachmat said when contacted , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) night .

According to Rachmat , based on the information received, a letter of dismissal has not been signed and approved by the Secretary General . In addition to the Secretary General signed , said Rachmat , dismissal also have to go through the process set out in the Articles of Association and Bylaws

" If this is true , then where is my error and other friends should be tested first . Backdrop was the first that should be clear , " he said .

Previously , PPP KetuaUmum Suryadharma Ali fired vice chairman and also chairman Monoarfa Monoarfa West Java branch of the PPP Rachmat Yasin , Chairman Musyaffa Noer DPW East Java , North Sumatra chairman Fadli Nursal DPW , DPW Chairman Amir Uskara South Sulawesi , Central Kalimantan and the Secretary of DPW Awaludin Noor . Not only was dismissed , they also sacked as PPP cadres .
(see also: kenari yorkshire jantan )

Deputy Secretary General of PPP Syaifullah Tamliha said the dismissal was done because previously these names to overthrow Suryadharma as Chairman of the PPP .


Pregnant Women Eat Less, Babies So Obesity

Pregnant women who eat too much or too little risk to the unborn baby . Babies of women who do not get enough weight gain during pregnancy are likely to be obese , as are infants whose mothers eat too much .

Even more surprising , this risk is higher in women with normal weight when starting a pregnancy . With the onset of obesity for nine years in a person's life and an increase in health problems , experts in the UK says that it is very important to give clear advice about how much weight gain during pregnancy is good .

As quoted by the Daily Mail edition of 14 April 2014 , the American scientists track of the health of more than 4,000 pregnant women and their children . Overall, 20.4 percent of boys and girls born to women with weight exceeding the recommended turned out to be obese at age 2-5 years . This amount is almost equal to 19.5 percent of children born to women whose weight is lower than recommended . More than 14.5 percent of women exactly the recommended body weight .
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According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology , the number of women who are pregnant with the appropriate amount of weight increase. Slim women who eat too much during pregnancy turns out 80 percent more likely to deliver babies obese than those who eat in sufficient quantities . In addition , those who eat too little it turns out 63 percent more likely to have children who are obese or overweight .

The finding that children born of a slender woman was also affected . It shows the gene could not be used as the only reference . This is expected because metabolic conditions in the stomach for about a year when the baby is not yet born . For example , there is usually a long consequences for appetite control unborn child or the storage of fat .

Researcher Dr Monique Hedderson of Kaiser Permanante 's Division of Research in Oakland, California says , " Having that much weight gain during pregnancy or little possibility of a permanent impact on the mechanisms that regulate energy balance and metabolism in children , such as the control of appetite and energy expenditure , " he said .

" This is potentially the long-term effects of child growth and body weight , " Dr. Hedderson added . Meanwhile , Dr Geeta Nargund of the Create fertility clinic in London, said the study adds to the evidence that the conditions in the stomach of a long-term effect on the health of children. According to him , it emphasizes the importance of providing advice to women before and during pregnancy .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Fluctuating regional, JCI Week Closed Early Gains in 4864.88

Composite Stock Price Index at the close of trading had gained earlier this week , in the middle of the variation of the exchange in the region .

At the close at 16.00 , JCI recorded rose by 48.3 points or 1 percent at 4864.88 . Index managed to advance in the green zone until the closing , although at the beginning of the opening had touched the red zone while. It also identifies the sentiment of the legislative elections began to subside .

JCI is one of the indexes in the Asia Pacific region recorded a gain on this afternoon , along with the Hang Seng index is also up 0.15 percent at 23,038.8 . Variations in regional markets , Wall Street responded by selling pressure at the end of last week .

In addition , market participants also took a position in line with the release of Chinese economic data this week . Where , many analysts said the performance of the Bamboo Curtain country's economy will decline , yet the impact as a global economic recovery .

The volume of trading on the stock exchange during the trading day reached 5.32 billion shares worth Rp 8.56 lot trillion . Strengthening supported by the 234 index stocks whose prices rose . Beyond that , the stock price fell 75 and 91 stocks traded stagnant .

Stocks that provide the greatest positive turnover among other BBRI ( USD 9775 ) , WIKA ( USD 2,265 ) , SMGR ( USD 15 925 ) , ADHI ( USD 2,975 ) and BBCA ( Rp 11,250 ) .

Meanwhile , LQ45 index also rose by 0.85 per cent at 820.89 and position KOMPAS100 index also gained 0.85 per cent, at 1056.44 .

Entirely sectoral indices were also higher , namely agribusiness sector ( 1.18 per cent ) , mining ( 1.12 percent ) , basic industries ( 1.69 percent ) , miscellaneous industries ( 0.16 percent ) , consumer ( 0.62 percent ) , property ( 2.63 percent ) , infrastructure ( 0.68 percent ) , finance ( 0.71 percent ) , trade ( 0.08 percent ) and manufacturing ( 0.77 percent ) .

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Although JCI rose , but it did not impact on the exchange rate . In the afternoon , the rupiah depreciated by 0.95 percent and traded at Rp 11,450 per U.S. dollar .


Friday, April 11, 2014

iPhone 6 Will Present In Design Version 2, Release One of Them in 2014

Of the many rumors about the iPhone 6 , one of the most powerful blows news is that the iPhone 6 will be available in 2 versions of the design .

Reporting from cultofmac , the rumors circulating from kebar published by Taiwan's Industrial & Commercial Times claims the iPhone 6 will come in two versions namely the design of screen size 4.7 - inch screen and version 5.5 - inch . Not only that , one of the variants of the iPhone 6 is rumored to be launched September 2014 . (see also: Waptrick video clip download)

In internal documents , Apple executives say that Apple is well aware that consumers want a bigger iPhone screen , and there is ample evidence to show that 2014 was the year in which Apple will try his luck with the release of the iPhone 6 with a more spacious screen .

Taiwan's Industrial & Commercial Times adds that the iPhone 6 mass production will begin in July 2014 . 6 version for iPhone 5.5 inches , Apple still experiencing production difficulties due to the larger screen size , and most likely will not go into mass production until September 2014 , which means it will be prepared to approach the moment of Christmas 2014.

So far Apple has not given the information or any information about these rumors .


Easy candidates Depression One Week After Election

Director of Mental Hospital and Addiction Drug Development Soeprapto Bengkulu Ampera Hill said legislative candidates vulnerable to depression a week after legislative elections in 2014.

" Based on the experience of the 2009 legislative elections , the candidates begin to experience depression a week after the vote , " he said in Bengkulu , on Friday .
He said a week after the 2014 legislative elections , the legislative candidates has been able to ascertain whether they got a legislative seat or vice versa .

In the 2009 legislative elections , said Hill , there are 15 legislative candidates admitted defeat in RSJKO Bengkulu .
" Some depressed moment , some severe enough to undergo treatment for three months , " he said .

According to him , the candidates failed the stress -prone , especially if they 've spent a lot of money for campaigning . Usually , he added , the greater the pressure for holding a shame if it does not qualify to be representative of the people .

" It's a lot of capital and too confident to be the winner was not selected , it can be stressful , " he said .

He said in Bengkulu RSJKO three psychologists who are ready to deal with legislative candidates who require consultation on psychiatric and depression they experience . The number of psychologists menuruntya , is sufficient because the patients served are also not much .
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Although the number of candidates in the province of Bengkulu more than 1,000 people , but he said there are many psychologists who need services . Furthermore, he said , there are 12 treatment rooms for patients who experience a psychiatric disorder or depression with the number of beds to 300 units .

According to him , until now there is no candidate who experience psychiatric disorders who were treated at the hospital .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So North Korea cannon shots Message To U.S.

A professor of politics at the same time observers of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula Angelo State University, Texas, Bruce Bechtol, assess if the North Korean artillery attack on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 is a message for the United States. "No matter how often American and South Korean exercises, we (North Korea) can hit you at any time," said Bruce, who tried to try their messages delivered to North Korea, as reported by USA Today. (Read: It's For Two Strikes Rises Korea).

Indeed, the United States and South Korea often do exercise in the disputed border. Usually it occurs in February and March each year. Finally, Uncle Sam and his allies were practicing on March 27, 2014 last. (Read: Two Korean Start Attacking Each Other).

"The exercises that North Korea is actually intimidating, but they do not want to respond spontaneously. But the tension finally broke yesterday, "said Bruce.
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Previously, on Monday, the action of waste bullets occurred at the border of the two Koreas. A total of 500 rounds of artillery spewed from the North Korean military's weapon, forcing Koreans to flee life border. Reckless action was later rewarded with the launch of South Korea's F-15K fighter aircraft in the border area and returned fire 300 rounds of artillery into North Korean waters.

"This contest provocation, the real goal is for the United States," said Bruce.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Extraordinary Cinema Pathe Similar Airport

Designer Ora Ito , recently completed a ten- screen cinema for Pathe as part of the renewal Centre Beaugrenelle in Paris , France . Gaumont - Pathe cinema is a trade name of a famous chain in the country this mode . Special works of Ito , more like an airport than a conventional cinema .

Ora Ito declared that this scheme was made ​​to resemble a cinema passenger arrivals area at the airport . The prospective audience before the film was made relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the visual shock in the cinema halls .(see also: situs download aplikasi gratis)

The interior of this theater is so expansive . Before watching the film , visitors can enjoy the usual public areas squares containing stalls selling popcorn . They can also take advantage of the cafe and workshop ( workshop ) educational who was there .

In addition to the expansive , gorgeous interior of this theater . Cinema ceiling decorated with wood using corrugated sheets are inserted lights and surveillance cameras . Part berplafon wood provides warmth and " invited " to visitors.

Not only comfortable to the eye, the design of the theater has also been designed with great care and caution to ensure that visitors do not have to queue too long . To facilitate visitors , the walls of the theater are given different colors and supported also by the lighting .

Visitors to intuitively know the way to its target space . In addition , visitors will also be greeted with a variety of advanced electronic screen that holds the movie poster as well as a variety of other information .
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Emotions each piece deliberately different . Visitors who use the escalator down from the cinema will be greeted with a black corridor . This time , the designer no longer use the airport as a reference , but uses a genre film noir ( black and white ) .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nature Organizations provinces calling for full implementation Geese Agreement

The nature organizations of Nature , 12 National Landscapes and BirdLife Netherlands evoke the provinces in a letter to the Agreement Geese still enter completely. Thursday consult the deputies on how to deal with the geese in their provinces . According to the nature organizations, this is the ultimate opportunity to give the Geese Agreement . Still implement (see also: obat burung)

Last December killed the geese Agreement between various social organizations and the provinces , because no support among the supporters of LTO Netherlands was more for the winter rest . This winter rest for migratory geese was one of the two essential pillars of the agreement . Now the agreement under consideration, are the provinces to move for the preparation of the geese policy .
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In a letter to the deputies let nature organizations of Nature , BirdLife Netherlands 12 National Landscapes and know to be willing to participate in such agreements drawn up within the Geese Agreement , provided that they are fully implemented . That means that the four -month winter rest , to pull geese offering peace is made. Without this winter rest, reducing the summer populations socially unacceptable .
Nature organizations hope that the deputies the advice to heart and are willing to think in the further development of it .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Types of Water Plants For Fish Pond

If you 're looking for a article Types of Water Plants For Fish Pond that can be planted in your pond , you have found the right article , because here I am going to share a little bit about the water plant . Crop water use plants certainly can live on the surface of the water in order to be seen clearly .
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Types of Water Plants
- Lotus

The lotus is an aquatic plant that is best known and most often used to decorate the pool . Beautiful colorful flowers with leaves floating on the water surface .

- Tifa

These drums elongated rod shape , with flowers like a cigar .

- Water hyacinth

Weed known as water hyacinth because of its very fast growth in the pond and also meet the rapid water level .

- Water Lilies

Water Lilies or also known as Lotus . This plant is similar to the lotus , but the larger size.

- Apu apu

Apu - APU is a green leafy plant with a surface that is covered with fine hairs bertekstrur resembling velvet , while the roots are white .

- Kala lilies

When lily is a plant that seemed made ​​of wax kalu visible from a distance , because of the shape of a funnel white with bright yellow pistil .

- Bamboo water

Water bamboo is a plant similar to bamboo water in general . But what distinguishes this plant its small size and easy to break .(see also: pakan burung manyar)

That's some Types of Water Plants For Fish Pond in the benefits that can decorate it to your pond . hopefully this article useful .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sumatran elephants found dead in Riau without ivory

A wild Sumatran elephants found dead in the forest concession of PT Arara Abadi , in the village of Tasik Serai Bengkalis , Riau . Not only that , the elephant ivory are known missing .
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"Yeah right , and we 've reported it to the authorities and the Center for Natural Resources Conservation , " said spokesman Arara Abadi , Nurul Huda in Pekanbaru , Friday ( 7/2 ) , as quoted by Antara .

After getting the report , Center for Natural Resources Conservation ( BBKSDA ) jump to the location to investigate the death of the animal. Allegedly , his death occurred as a result of the hunters hunted elephant ivory .

" Provisional estimates , there are indications of possible death due to illegal hunting , " said PR BBKSDA Riau Province , Zanir .

From the examination while the elephant thought to have died since 10 days ago . Currently , BBKSDA has fielded vet to do an autopsy .

" So far we have not been able to confirm the results of the autopsy . However , confirmed that an adult elephant and are male , " he said .

It is estimated that an adult elephant aged about 30-40 years . However , elephant ivory has been lost when it was found .

He was sure , BBKSDA will investigate the death of the elephant because there is the element of intent to obtain ivory . Meanwhile , elephant organ samples will be sent to a laboratory in West Sumatra veterinet to ascertain the cause of death .

" Lab results likely be known in two weeks or sooner than 10 days , " he said .
( see also: video lomba burung )

Location discovery at Arara Abadi concession is wild elephants roaming locations estimated from Balai Raja Wildlife in Bengkalis .