Sunday, March 9, 2014

Types of Water Plants For Fish Pond

If you 're looking for a article Types of Water Plants For Fish Pond that can be planted in your pond , you have found the right article , because here I am going to share a little bit about the water plant . Crop water use plants certainly can live on the surface of the water in order to be seen clearly .
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Types of Water Plants
- Lotus

The lotus is an aquatic plant that is best known and most often used to decorate the pool . Beautiful colorful flowers with leaves floating on the water surface .

- Tifa

These drums elongated rod shape , with flowers like a cigar .

- Water hyacinth

Weed known as water hyacinth because of its very fast growth in the pond and also meet the rapid water level .

- Water Lilies

Water Lilies or also known as Lotus . This plant is similar to the lotus , but the larger size.

- Apu apu

Apu - APU is a green leafy plant with a surface that is covered with fine hairs bertekstrur resembling velvet , while the roots are white .

- Kala lilies

When lily is a plant that seemed made ​​of wax kalu visible from a distance , because of the shape of a funnel white with bright yellow pistil .

- Bamboo water

Water bamboo is a plant similar to bamboo water in general . But what distinguishes this plant its small size and easy to break .(see also: pakan burung manyar)

That's some Types of Water Plants For Fish Pond in the benefits that can decorate it to your pond . hopefully this article useful .


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