Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The news about the Democrats Support Prabowo, said JK "Good"

Candidates vice president of Indonesia , Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) , commenting on the news that the Democratic Party will support the prospective partner Prabowo president and vice president - Hatta Rajasa .

" That's good , that 's all clear , " said JK in Bikasoga , Suryalaya Street , City of London , on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

JK added that he and Jokowi not be afraid of fat coalition built by Gerindra shaft .
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" Better than the overtly siding siding not blatant , " he said .

Previously reported , Member of the Board of Trustees of the Democratic Party , Ahmad Mubarok , said his party would support the presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate who had the idea closest to the Democrats .

Currently , Democrats still remain neutral , at least until the Chairman of the Democrat Party Yudhoyono hear direct exposure of the two presidential candidates , Joko Widodo and Prabowo .

" Who's got the vision , mission , platform , and program closest to the Democrats , it's to be encouraged , " said Mubarok when contacted on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .

Mubarok said , the President will meet with Jokowi and Prabowo on June 1, 2014 . During the meeting , Joko Widodo and Prabowo in turn will present the vision and mission to


Monday, May 26, 2014

This crossing bridge Often Avoided by Walking

A pedestrian bridge in front of Babadan Market , Semarang regency , often avoided by pedestrians . Construction of the bridge is considered dangerous to its users .

Rung bridge is made very steep with a slope angle of nearly 75 degrees . As a result , many reckless pedestrian traffic bypass although quite crowded .

"Parents if not guided down , might plummet , Mas , " said Aji ( 50 ) , one of the parking attendants Babadan market , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

The pedestrian bridge is actually just a week ago after the operation at the end of September 2013 , the bridge collapsed because almost hit by a truck tronton .
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In that incident , one person was killed and more than 21 hours duration Semarang -Solo main line gridlocked . However , instead of changing nicer , newly repaired bridge condition is not much different .

" The most difficult was the people who brought goods Mas . Rising from the other side which is quite dangerous because nanjak once , " said Aji .

From observations , besides steep stairs , bridge deck condition is also very alarming . Flooring material made ​​of steel many porous and perforated so it is endangering the safety of its users .

" Especially if the later front ( highway) was casted , right middle road would be installed fence , forced ( pedestrian ) rose all . LHA that the people who bring goods to market hard , " Aji said .

Similar revealed the couple , Giarti ( 45 ) and Giono ( 51 ) , a resident of Beji , East Unggaran . They are fresh off of public transport and about to cross into the Babadan market forced the bridge for fear of cutting through the busy traffic flow .

However , they claim to even feel hassles after climbing down the bridge.

"Just this once I pass , rekoso ( hard ) really. Pity my husband brought a lot of stuff , " said Giarti with panting breath .

Not only the steep stairs , pedestrians also have to be extra careful on the railing of the bridge holding hands . In addition to the material that is corrosion , large iron columns into the fence grip size is very large so it is difficult grasped.

" The handle is too big and even rusty , " said Dwi Lestari ( 17 ) , high school students were admitted to 1 Bergas often pass through the bridge since it opened a week ago .


Friday, May 23, 2014

2015 Fuel Consumption Predicted 50 Million KL

Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas ( BPH Migas ) estimated consumption of fuel oil ( BBM ) subsidy in 2015 reached 50 million kiloliters ( kl ) . The quota of two million kl or four per cent above the Budget 2014 , amounting to 48 million kl . " We expect next year ( fuel consumption ) 50 million kiloliters of assuming a business as usual ( as is done ) , " said Chief Andy BPH Migas N Sommeng in Jakarta , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

According to him , the volume of 50 million kl into account the economic growth of between 5-6 per cent and 8-11 per cent of vehicles . Nevertheless , continued Andy , fuel consumption can be reduced further if more control is done strictly through the issuance of new rules . " For example , a ban on transport trucks wearing yellow plate subsidized diesel , " he said . Or , he added , through a non-cash programs , rfid , fixed subsidies , and rising fuel prices .
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For consumption in 2014 , according to Andy , he is optimistic appropriate budget target of 48 million kl . "There are over 200 thousand kl on diesel - 400 thousand kl , was offset Premium under until the end of the year , " he said .

Earlier, Minister Jero Wacik said it does not plan to raise fuel prices for the rest of Government subsidy Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) until October 2014 . " Rest of the time only five months , not fitting increase ( fuel prices ) , " he said .

According to him , the government will look for ways besides rising fuel prices to reduce the swelling of the subsidy in 2014 . Options being studied include public refueling stations ( gas stations) does not sell fuel subsidy when the Saturday - Sunday and holidays. Quota of fuel subsidy in Budget 2014, consisting of 48 million kl Premium 32.45 million kl , diesel ( 14.64 million kl ) , and kerosene ( 0.9 million kl ) .

Meanwhile , the realization of subsidized fuel distribution until 30 April 2014 reached 14.99 million kl , or 31.7 percent of the 2014 state budget quota of subsidized fuel to PT Pertamina ( Persero ) .

Vice president for corporate communications , said Ali Mundakir , of the total distribution of subsidized fuel quota allocated to the company this year of 47.35 million kl , up to 30 April 2014 channeled as much as 9.48 million kl Premium or 29.4 percent of the quota of 32 , 32 million kl , diesel ( 5.15 million kl ) , or 36.42 percent of the quota of 14.14 million kl and kl Kerosene 325 thousand or 36 percent of the quota of 900 thousand kl . In total , he said , disbursement during that period reached 14.99 million kl , or 31.7 percent .

" Under these conditions the disbursement Premium is still under control, but still must be considered a period of fasting and Eid - Christmas - new year in which the consumption of premium usually rises 10 % than normal , " he said . Meanwhile , Solar disbursement quota has been exceeded for the current period .

Ali also revealed Premiun disbursement throughout the region is still within the limits of the projection with the highest consumption levels are in the Marketing Operation Region ( MOR ) III ( DKI Jakarta , Banten and West Java ) is 2.75 million kl and MOR V ( East Java , Bali - Nusra ) of 1.79 million kl . While channeling Solar relatively higher than projected in almost all regions , except MOR IV ( Central Java - Yogyakarta Yogyakarta ) , and MOR VIII ( Papua - Maluku ) . n Aldian revelation Ramadan / between ed : zaky al glottal


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Discuss Chaotic Party, the Golkar Party Elite Gather Ical

Golkar Party Chairman , Bakrie ( ARB ) aka Ical hold a plenary meeting at the Office of the Central Executive Board ( DPP ) in the Golkar Slipi , Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) night . Attend a board of Golkar and Golkar elite .

Information compiled , this time in the plenary meeting will Ical briefed daily on board to support Golkar presidential candidate pair (candidates ) and vice president ( vice ) Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

In addition , another plenary meeting agenda is to discuss winning strategies - Hatta mate Prabowo in presidential elections ( presidential ) 2014.
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Previously , three dozens of elite and elders Golkar Party held a closed-door meeting in a room JW Marriot Hotel , Kuningan , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) night .

The meeting was initiated three parent organizations or Trikarya Golkar Party , such as the Central Organization of Independent Workers ( SOKSI ) , Deliberation Kekeluargan Mutual mutual ( MKGR ) Multipurpose Cooperative and Mutual - royong ( Kosgoro ) .

In addition to the elite and elders of the Golkar Party , also attended the Young Generation Chairman of the Golkar Party ( APMG ) Yoryys Raweyai and its members .

Chairman of the meeting SOKSI Laksono said Golkar Party elite and elders is not an extraordinary meeting .


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Student brawl victims Being in the Wrong Place and Time

Brawl between often claimed . Not infrequently the victim was not involved in the fight.

" Often the victims not involved brawl , but a good friend - a good school , but in the wrong place . He's not ready to run , fall , so dead , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Comr Rikwanto , Wednesday ( 21 / 5/2014 ) .

This, more Rikwanto , could have been avoided origin of each student to be careful and avoid lane departure home or school who used to be a place to hang out students who could potentially trigger a brawl .
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" Avoid lane brawl , brawl rarely go home immediately . Typically , hang out first , jegat where , just happened , " he said .

In this case , said Rikwanto , parents need to play a role to control their children during school hours and leave . " Actually , this should not happen if every parent concerned with his sons , " he said .

As reported , occurred in a brawl between Lt. Soeprapto Road flyover , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) at around 15:00 . The fights involving vocational and vocational Park Sampoerna Oetomo Students who join vocational students Poncol 65 .

Brawl that killed Aditya ( 16 ) , student of SMK 1 Sampoerna Oetomo . This case dealt with police Monday in collaboration with Criminal Police Central Jakarta . Police have secured two students alleged perpetrators who killed Aditya . " That we understood better . , He's part of the crowd or not , " said Rikwanto .


Monday, May 19, 2014

New Estimates of Absorbed 10 Percent, DKI Claims Program Featured On Track

Local Budget ( budget ) Jakarta newly absorbed 10 percent in 2014 . Despite the low budget absorption , Head of Financial Management Agency ( BPKD) Widjajanti Endang said it was pretty good value .

"It's been over 10 percent , approximately 11 percent . Still a lot of work unit area ( on education ) and local work units ( UKPD ) who must complete the administrative documents to the Procurement Unit of goods and services ( ULP ) , but it was good .. , nice .. , " said Endang , at City Hall on Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

Total cumulative package of activities that have been entered into the ULP is 5,114 packets of 7000 activities . Meanwhile , 46 new packages that have been auctioned by the Electronic Procurement Service ( LPSE ) , and two of them have already completed auctioned and the program can be implemented .
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Amount on education and UKPD already proposed auction of activity reached 231 750 units . He appealed to complete the document on education and UKPD auction activity requirements before submitting to the ULP . If UKPD on education and can not meet the requirements , then the program will be eliminated .

"People have a lot of doubt , I also wonder , on May 16, yesterday everything was screaming . Cook has not lived already in doubt , in fact, okay it . Insha Allah everything is running smoothly , " said Endang .

He also claimed , this year , the city can move quickly and absorption better budget than the previous year . " The hope is to meet the target of 97 per cent uptake of the total city budget , Rp 72 trillion , " said Endang .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Special Message for Vesak 2014 Presidential Election

Holy Day of Vesak 2558 Tri BE/2014 has a special message for the people of Indonesia . At this sacred moment , Buddhists pray for Indonesian people always given peace of mind no longer will hold a celebration of the Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

" We pray that this country is always safe , cool and fair in the event the 2014 presidential election . Hopefully safe later in July 2014 , " said David Herman Jaya , Chairman of the Indonesian Buddhist Council of Representatives ( Walubi ) Central Java , on Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) night .
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On that occasion , the man who is familiarly called wanking it also advised the Buddhists to contribute to the success of the democratic party to vote in accordance with his conscience . " We appealed to the Buddhists to join nyoblos according to your heart , " said Jones .

This message , said David , according to the theme of this year's Vesak , the " Develop Brahma Vihara for Happiness All People " . While subtemanya , All -minded Always Sublime Light and Mind .

As in previous years , the peak of Vesak 2558 will be centered BE/2014 Lumbiní court of Borobudur , Magelang regency , Central Java , on Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) night .

Tens of thousands of Buddhists from across the country will attend this event . The plan , Vice President Boediono will attend and give a speech at the ceremony before the peak moment of the Vesak commemoration .

A series of activities have been held by the Vesak Buddhists in Magelang , among others penyemayaman water blessing and eternal flame at Mendut on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) ; Alms in Liong Hok Bio temple , Magelang ; water procession and blessing of eternal fire Mendut and Borobudur Temple ; the release of a thousand lanterns in the courtyard of the Borobudur temple as a sign of the end of commutation Holy Tri Vesak at 2:30 pm , Thursday ( 05/15/2014 ) .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Without CCTV, students believed not "cheat"

Principal SMPN1 Bekasi Holidah Eni believes her students will not cheat on the implementation of the national exam ( UN ) today even though the school did not use CCTV to keep an eye on students .

According to Eni , the number of 20 students in each room , it is not difficult to supervise . Moreover, in one room there are two of supervisors .

" There is no CCTV , surveillance entrusted it to the supervisors there . Nobody else CCTV baseball problem . 's Just one room of 20 children . If we pelototin one -on-one as well in fear , " said Eni SMPN1 Holidah in Jakarta, Monday ( 5/5 / 2014 ) .
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Accordingly, Eni believes that students can properly supervised . He also believes there is no leakage problem . In fact , adding Eni , student - siswinyalah that it reminds the teacher about the rules when the UN . They remind reset to the teacher to collect cell phones that they carry .

" In fact, I made the ingetin to kumpulin phone . Course I bercandain . 'Son , you bring two mobile phones , one of which you hold another mother hold . Later we wrote sms ' . Uh , they actually say , ' ick mother really taught so rich ' . mah I just laughed , " Eni said , laughing .

Regarding graduation rates , Eni believes students will graduate 100 percent . He considers graduation this year is easier than the previous year . This is because the requirement of graduation is not only derived from the value of the UN , but also combined from school test scores .

Noted , as many as 288 students SMPN1 Bekasi following the first day of junior high school level implementation of the UN today . One student in this school follow the UN in the hospital , while the rest follow the UN in school .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Problematic data, the Commission Delays Vote Determination Recapitulation Sumsel

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to postpone the determination of the results of recapitulation DPR and DPD candidates for legislative elections ( Pileg ) 2014 in the two electoral districts ( constituencies ) in the Province of South Sumatra ( South Sumatra) . Because, there are a lot of voters and the data acquisition bermamsalah voice .

" Dapil Sumsel I and II we delay its adoption , " said Commission Chairman Husni Kamil Manik in a plenary session of the vote counting recapitulation Pileg 2014 in the Building Commission , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) morning .
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He said the discussion would be resumed after the Commission Sumsel runs recommendations Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) related to several issues . Therefore , he urged political party ( parties) who filed an objection to the recapitulation of the Commission of South Sumatra and have trouble finding the data to immediately turn it over to Bawaslu .

" Please witnesses filed corrections to the data are not exact , the above registered voters and voters who exercise their right to choose , " said Husni .

The delay was also made ​​on determination of DPD recapitulation Sumatra . Bawaslu member Nelson Simanjuntak said , the problem in the first electoral district of South Sumatra ( includes Musi Rawas , Banyuasin , Banyuasin district , Palembang , and City Lubuklinggau ) occurs most prominently in Musi Rawas . In these areas , he said , there is a change of votes from the voting committee level ( PPS )

Husni said the data changes also occur in other districts / municipalities . However , on the basis of recommendations Bawaslu Sumatra , the data is corrected as it should be .

"If in the Musi Rawas , the Commission does not want to change it , " he said .

The same was conveyed Bawaslu member Nasrullah . According to him , due to the reluctance of the Commission to correct the data Musi Rawas , recapitulation at the provincial and national level to be hampered .

" The central and provincial KPU only accept garbage , " he said .

Politicians Development Party ( PPP ) Ahmad Yani says it does not recognize the results of the Commission submitted recapitulation of South Sumatra , South Sumatra, well above Dapil I would also Sumsel II ( covering Ulu Ogan Histories , Histories Ogan Ilir , Muara Enim Regency , Regency Lahat , East Ulu Ogan Histories , Histories Ogan South Ulu , Ogan Ilir regency , Lawang Four district , City of Pagar Alam , and City Prabumulih ) .