Sunday, May 4, 2014

Without CCTV, students believed not "cheat"

Principal SMPN1 Bekasi Holidah Eni believes her students will not cheat on the implementation of the national exam ( UN ) today even though the school did not use CCTV to keep an eye on students .

According to Eni , the number of 20 students in each room , it is not difficult to supervise . Moreover, in one room there are two of supervisors .

" There is no CCTV , surveillance entrusted it to the supervisors there . Nobody else CCTV baseball problem . 's Just one room of 20 children . If we pelototin one -on-one as well in fear , " said Eni SMPN1 Holidah in Jakarta, Monday ( 5/5 / 2014 ) .
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Accordingly, Eni believes that students can properly supervised . He also believes there is no leakage problem . In fact , adding Eni , student - siswinyalah that it reminds the teacher about the rules when the UN . They remind reset to the teacher to collect cell phones that they carry .

" In fact, I made the ingetin to kumpulin phone . Course I bercandain . 'Son , you bring two mobile phones , one of which you hold another mother hold . Later we wrote sms ' . Uh , they actually say , ' ick mother really taught so rich ' . mah I just laughed , " Eni said , laughing .

Regarding graduation rates , Eni believes students will graduate 100 percent . He considers graduation this year is easier than the previous year . This is because the requirement of graduation is not only derived from the value of the UN , but also combined from school test scores .

Noted , as many as 288 students SMPN1 Bekasi following the first day of junior high school level implementation of the UN today . One student in this school follow the UN in the hospital , while the rest follow the UN in school .


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