Monday, May 26, 2014

This crossing bridge Often Avoided by Walking

A pedestrian bridge in front of Babadan Market , Semarang regency , often avoided by pedestrians . Construction of the bridge is considered dangerous to its users .

Rung bridge is made very steep with a slope angle of nearly 75 degrees . As a result , many reckless pedestrian traffic bypass although quite crowded .

"Parents if not guided down , might plummet , Mas , " said Aji ( 50 ) , one of the parking attendants Babadan market , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) afternoon .

The pedestrian bridge is actually just a week ago after the operation at the end of September 2013 , the bridge collapsed because almost hit by a truck tronton .
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In that incident , one person was killed and more than 21 hours duration Semarang -Solo main line gridlocked . However , instead of changing nicer , newly repaired bridge condition is not much different .

" The most difficult was the people who brought goods Mas . Rising from the other side which is quite dangerous because nanjak once , " said Aji .

From observations , besides steep stairs , bridge deck condition is also very alarming . Flooring material made ​​of steel many porous and perforated so it is endangering the safety of its users .

" Especially if the later front ( highway) was casted , right middle road would be installed fence , forced ( pedestrian ) rose all . LHA that the people who bring goods to market hard , " Aji said .

Similar revealed the couple , Giarti ( 45 ) and Giono ( 51 ) , a resident of Beji , East Unggaran . They are fresh off of public transport and about to cross into the Babadan market forced the bridge for fear of cutting through the busy traffic flow .

However , they claim to even feel hassles after climbing down the bridge.

"Just this once I pass , rekoso ( hard ) really. Pity my husband brought a lot of stuff , " said Giarti with panting breath .

Not only the steep stairs , pedestrians also have to be extra careful on the railing of the bridge holding hands . In addition to the material that is corrosion , large iron columns into the fence grip size is very large so it is difficult grasped.

" The handle is too big and even rusty , " said Dwi Lestari ( 17 ) , high school students were admitted to 1 Bergas often pass through the bridge since it opened a week ago .


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