Thursday, May 1, 2014

Problematic data, the Commission Delays Vote Determination Recapitulation Sumsel

General Elections Commission ( KPU ) to postpone the determination of the results of recapitulation DPR and DPD candidates for legislative elections ( Pileg ) 2014 in the two electoral districts ( constituencies ) in the Province of South Sumatra ( South Sumatra) . Because, there are a lot of voters and the data acquisition bermamsalah voice .

" Dapil Sumsel I and II we delay its adoption , " said Commission Chairman Husni Kamil Manik in a plenary session of the vote counting recapitulation Pileg 2014 in the Building Commission , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) morning .
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He said the discussion would be resumed after the Commission Sumsel runs recommendations Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) related to several issues . Therefore , he urged political party ( parties) who filed an objection to the recapitulation of the Commission of South Sumatra and have trouble finding the data to immediately turn it over to Bawaslu .

" Please witnesses filed corrections to the data are not exact , the above registered voters and voters who exercise their right to choose , " said Husni .

The delay was also made ​​on determination of DPD recapitulation Sumatra . Bawaslu member Nelson Simanjuntak said , the problem in the first electoral district of South Sumatra ( includes Musi Rawas , Banyuasin , Banyuasin district , Palembang , and City Lubuklinggau ) occurs most prominently in Musi Rawas . In these areas , he said , there is a change of votes from the voting committee level ( PPS )

Husni said the data changes also occur in other districts / municipalities . However , on the basis of recommendations Bawaslu Sumatra , the data is corrected as it should be .

"If in the Musi Rawas , the Commission does not want to change it , " he said .

The same was conveyed Bawaslu member Nasrullah . According to him , due to the reluctance of the Commission to correct the data Musi Rawas , recapitulation at the provincial and national level to be hampered .

" The central and provincial KPU only accept garbage , " he said .

Politicians Development Party ( PPP ) Ahmad Yani says it does not recognize the results of the Commission submitted recapitulation of South Sumatra , South Sumatra, well above Dapil I would also Sumsel II ( covering Ulu Ogan Histories , Histories Ogan Ilir , Muara Enim Regency , Regency Lahat , East Ulu Ogan Histories , Histories Ogan South Ulu , Ogan Ilir regency , Lawang Four district , City of Pagar Alam , and City Prabumulih ) .


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