Monday, April 21, 2014

Call Hadi Purnomo bank's Troubled

Chairman of the State Audit Board ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo had issued a related criticism of Bank Mutiara . Bank , formerly known as the Bank Century bailout and got running the controversial Rp 6.7 trillion was considered cheating .

The Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) concluded that the addition of Temporary Equity ( PMS ) by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) to PT Bank Mutiara Tbk, dated December 23, 2013 amounted to Rp1 , 2 trillion is not fully in accordance with the provisions of the existing legislation .

It was based on the CPC examination of the date of January 19, 2014 until April 15, 2014.

BPK Chairman Hadi Purnomo said there are credit management by PT . The bank which allegedly do not conform provisions . Where a lot of credit that should go in loan collectibility five but recorded in two loan collectibility .

" So as if a good report . 's Not in accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation No. . 7/2/PBI/2005 as amended by Regulation No. . 11/2/PBI/2009 jo . PBI . 14/15/PBI/2012 on commercial bank asset quality assessment , " he said in the CPC building , Jakarta , Monday ( 04/20/2014 ) .

Hadi also called the bank's position does not convey the Capital Adequacy Ratio ( CAR ) in the monthly publication of the financial statements of the period June to November 2013 . Though the bank's CAR as the value delivered June 30, 2013 was negative 3.16 percent , was reported to the bank's BI , CAR PT BM has been qualified by 11 percent .

Then on 5 August was revised to negative 0.55 percent . While CAR , published December 24, 2013 to 5.13 percent . This is not in accordance with Regulation 14 / 14/PBI/2012 on Transparency and Publications Reports and PBI Bank . 14/15/PBI/2012 on Asset Quality Rating for Commercial Banks .

Under these conditions , corresponding PBI . 15/2/PBI/2013 if any bank should have a CAR of below four percent , Bank Indonesia said the bank is systemic or not . After that convey the Coordination Forum for Financial Stability ( FKSSK ) to be saved or not .
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" It's just been ngucurin PMS LPS first , " said Hadi Purnomo .


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