Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Worried mortgage stagnant, REI Reject Acquisition BTN

Real Estate Indonesia ( REI ) has asked the government to reconsider the acquisition plan of the State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk . This is because BTN is currently the only banks that finance housing , particularly housing for low income people ( MBR ) .

" The principle objection and refused REI BTN with any bank acquisitions , " said Chairman of the DPP REI Eddy Hussy in an official statement received in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/23/2014 ) .

According to Eddy , it assesses BTN acquisition step is a step back in the supply of credit (mortgage ) . Currently it takes a lot of banks that focus on the distribution of mortgages and not reduce the bank's existing focus . If the acquisition occurs , then there is no guarantee of housing finance mission will continue to run .

" Learning from the experience of some of the acquired bank , its role gradually disappear . Subsidiary should definitely follow the parent company wants . REI worry it will happen with BTN , " said Eddy .

Furthermore , Eddy said REI supports the government wants to raise the BTN , but not with the step acquisition by another bank whose mission is different from the BTN . The government plans to accumulate funds through housing savings will also be able to overcome and raise the BTN if the given role .
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" There are currently housing bill savings ( Tapera ) being discussed with the government the House of Representatives . Focus there first . If it is enacted and operational , it will help finance housing finance , " he explained .


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