Friday, April 11, 2014

Easy candidates Depression One Week After Election

Director of Mental Hospital and Addiction Drug Development Soeprapto Bengkulu Ampera Hill said legislative candidates vulnerable to depression a week after legislative elections in 2014.

" Based on the experience of the 2009 legislative elections , the candidates begin to experience depression a week after the vote , " he said in Bengkulu , on Friday .
He said a week after the 2014 legislative elections , the legislative candidates has been able to ascertain whether they got a legislative seat or vice versa .

In the 2009 legislative elections , said Hill , there are 15 legislative candidates admitted defeat in RSJKO Bengkulu .
" Some depressed moment , some severe enough to undergo treatment for three months , " he said .

According to him , the candidates failed the stress -prone , especially if they 've spent a lot of money for campaigning . Usually , he added , the greater the pressure for holding a shame if it does not qualify to be representative of the people .

" It's a lot of capital and too confident to be the winner was not selected , it can be stressful , " he said .

He said in Bengkulu RSJKO three psychologists who are ready to deal with legislative candidates who require consultation on psychiatric and depression they experience . The number of psychologists menuruntya , is sufficient because the patients served are also not much .
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Although the number of candidates in the province of Bengkulu more than 1,000 people , but he said there are many psychologists who need services . Furthermore, he said , there are 12 treatment rooms for patients who experience a psychiatric disorder or depression with the number of beds to 300 units .

According to him , until now there is no candidate who experience psychiatric disorders who were treated at the hospital .


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