Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fired Suryadharma, Chairman of the West Java branch of the PPP Official Not Receive Mail

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) Development Party Jawa Barat , Rachmat Yasin questioned her dismissal by PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali . In addition to Rachmat , Suryadharma also fired Vice Chairman PPP Monoarfa Manoarfa and three other DPW Chairman . Until now , according to Rachmat , there has been no official letter of notification or the related pemecaan .

" To date I have not heard officially . I actually him from online news . So I have not been able to locate the cause of the fault why I was fired . We 've got to know first what bekangnya background ? " Rachmat said when contacted , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) night .

According to Rachmat , based on the information received, a letter of dismissal has not been signed and approved by the Secretary General . In addition to the Secretary General signed , said Rachmat , dismissal also have to go through the process set out in the Articles of Association and Bylaws

" If this is true , then where is my error and other friends should be tested first . Backdrop was the first that should be clear , " he said .

Previously , PPP KetuaUmum Suryadharma Ali fired vice chairman and also chairman Monoarfa Monoarfa West Java branch of the PPP Rachmat Yasin , Chairman Musyaffa Noer DPW East Java , North Sumatra chairman Fadli Nursal DPW , DPW Chairman Amir Uskara South Sulawesi , Central Kalimantan and the Secretary of DPW Awaludin Noor . Not only was dismissed , they also sacked as PPP cadres .
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Deputy Secretary General of PPP Syaifullah Tamliha said the dismissal was done because previously these names to overthrow Suryadharma as Chairman of the PPP .


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