Friday, April 18, 2014

Teens That Learning So "Hackers" In Self-taught

AR ( 17 ) , teenage hackers ( hackers ) from North Sangatta , East Kutai , East Kalimantan , hackers claiming to be a self-taught learning .

He claimed never to follow education or special material about hacking . He taught himself while waiting for the cafe . It happened four years ago , when he was still in junior high school .

He was arrested at his home in Sangatta on 2 April 2014 for having to break into the security systems of two companies in Surabaya by means of a computer hack cafe on Jalan Yos Sudarso , Sengata . The two companies are PT CTC pulse agent , and selling vouchers online gaming company PT Creon Indonesia .

" Of the two companies that I took a total of Rp 17 million . There Rp 7 million for online gaming vouchers , and the rest of the pulse agent , "replied the AR when found in East Java Police , Jakarta, Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Burglary as much as it is not only done once or twice . Counted , and 30 times he went into the security system and stole the two companies .

How? Students majoring in Engineering Equipment is told that at first he was just a fad . Then , with the ability dimiliknya , he managed to get into the company's data base . This is because he considers that the security system is weak .

Once entered into the database , he found the ID and password . With that , she easily took the vouchers online games , as well as taking the pulse of a large agency . Pulse and vouchers were then sold to other parties . The money , mostly for snacks and play games online , partly to buy a smartphone .

AD since childhood have become accustomed in the cafe . Although the house does not have a computer or laptop , since junior high school he was already adept at stringing , and membutulkan electronic equipment . Such as computers , laptops and so on are broken , capable dibenahinya .

Until finally , he was interested to learn to be a hacker . Increasingly, he is getting good at . And increasingly channeled his talent after he joined a community of hackers that exist in Sengata . " Indeed , I also participated in a community ( hackers ) in there , " he said .

Unfortunately, the ability to be abused so he should be languishing in jail after officers arrested Subdit II Banking Ditreskrimsus East Java Police with two counts of burglary .

According to a spokesman for the East Java Police , Comr Setiyono Awi , the arrest was conducted after officers received reports of casualties . In its report , the victim knows the server conceded at 8 and February 21, 2014 .

Server security system penetrated by the offender then pulse in it many sent to the mobile numbers are not included in the list of buyers . " Based on that report , the officer conducted an investigation . And make arrests after confirming that he is indeed the culprit , "said Awi .
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As a result of his actions , vocational school students of class XI in Singatta was threatened would languishing in prison for 13 years . He snared the coated article . Namely pasa junto 30 paragraph 3 of Article 46 , paragraph 3 of Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transactions with anaman eight -year prison sentence and or a fine of Rp 800 million . As well as charged under Article 362 of the Criminal Code , under penalty of imprisonment for five years and or a fine of Rp 60 million .


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