Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So North Korea cannon shots Message To U.S.

A professor of politics at the same time observers of the conflict on the Korean Peninsula Angelo State University, Texas, Bruce Bechtol, assess if the North Korean artillery attack on Monday, March 3rd, 2014 is a message for the United States. "No matter how often American and South Korean exercises, we (North Korea) can hit you at any time," said Bruce, who tried to try their messages delivered to North Korea, as reported by USA Today. (Read: It's For Two Strikes Rises Korea).

Indeed, the United States and South Korea often do exercise in the disputed border. Usually it occurs in February and March each year. Finally, Uncle Sam and his allies were practicing on March 27, 2014 last. (Read: Two Korean Start Attacking Each Other).

"The exercises that North Korea is actually intimidating, but they do not want to respond spontaneously. But the tension finally broke yesterday, "said Bruce.
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Previously, on Monday, the action of waste bullets occurred at the border of the two Koreas. A total of 500 rounds of artillery spewed from the North Korean military's weapon, forcing Koreans to flee life border. Reckless action was later rewarded with the launch of South Korea's F-15K fighter aircraft in the border area and returned fire 300 rounds of artillery into North Korean waters.

"This contest provocation, the real goal is for the United States," said Bruce.


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